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  • Scottish Christmas Trees

    Develop existing website to meet take better advantage of the online marketplace for a well established company.

    The nature of the product (Christmas trees) results in unique challenges as the sales period is only 10-12 weeks in duration.


    Website Design // E-commerce // Order management system // SEO // Adword Management & Consultancy // E-newsletter

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  • Hillhouse Group

    Update and develop the company's existing website to better match the expectations of their clients.

    Ensure the website accurately reflected the company branding and ideology.


    Website design // Blog design // SEO

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  • Bambuu

    A innovative new student portal and social media network for Glasgow based students.

    The site has public and members only sections and aims to provide all the information and social networking tools that today's students demand in one place.


    Website design // E-commerce // Accommodation and Job listings // SEO

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  • Benleva Hotel

    Refresh and update the previous website for a small hotel based in Drumnadrochit.

    Provide a method of updating regular clients on special offers, beer festivals etc and showcase photographs from the local area.


    Website design // Blog installation with custom gallery // SEO

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  • Dalbeattie Fine Foods

    As the winner of the 2009 Champion Haggis Award Dalbeattie Fine Foods were keen to reach markets further afield than their local high street shop could afford them.

    A full e-commerce website with content management facilities has allowed them to reach customers from John O'Groats to Lands End!


    E-commerce // Content Management System // SEO // Adword management

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  • Broadsword Yacht Charters

    As a new start up company Broadsword required a fresh and professional brochure website to showcase the stunning yachts that they have available for charter.

    Built as the company was launched the site has room for expansion and develop as the business grows.


    Website Design // SEO

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  • Sandgreen Caravan Park

    A beautiful location on the Galloway coast is not all that Sandgreen Caravan Park offer - they provide a fully managed service for their owners and take great care to ensure that the natural environment is protected and cared for.

    The new website provides a showcase for the site but also an interactive members only forum to enhance the customer service they offer.


    Website design // Content management system // SEO

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  • Glencoe Mountain Ltd.

    Glencoe Mountain required full redevelopment of their very high traffic website (in excess of 75000 unique visitors per month). The site functionality is key to the success of the operation with users wanting to check snow reports, weather and webcams quickly and easily.

    The site incorporates streaming webcams, video, e-commerce and much more. A summer version of the site is under development for 2010.


    Website design // E-commerce // Content Management System // Adword campaign management // SEO

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  • Homesure Properties

    Homesure underwent a full rebranding exercise in late 2009 and required the website to be integrated into the new scheme. The previous orange branding as dropped in favour of a blue and white scheme.

    The new site included a bespoke property listing system which incorporated interactive Google maps and Google Street View to give users the best possible view of the properties.


    Website design // Bespoke property listing module // SEO // Adword campaign management

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  • Hillhouse

    As an exclusive use venue offering a luxurious location for private parties, weddings and corporate events Hillhouse were looking for a website that could deliver real results.

    The redesign of the original website simplified the navigation structure, incorporated a custom built booking request and pricing module within an elegant design.


    Website design // Bespoke booking module // SEO

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Taking websites beyond design...

Web design is about more than making your website look pretty. It's also about making it functional and architecturally sound. Like a house, your website's internal structure is important. ASM Development will make your web design attractive and functional by focusing on the nuts and bolts of web development. That includes:

  • Sound coding practices
  • Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Ease of navigation
  • E-commerce development
  • Shopping cart set up
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content development
  • Website branding
  • Blog set up, optimisation and ghostwriting
  • Local Ayrshire and Scotland geotargeting
  • W3C compliance
ASM Development's web design services are focused on making your Ayrshire business successful online and off line. Your website should meet the needs of your customers. It is a marketing tool, but you can also use it for customer service and for building a relationship with your clientele. We provide the following services for your Ayshire website development.

Website Coding

Our website development team is familiar with the latest coding techniques and languages. We can design your website using HTML 4 - with an eye on the development of the much anticipated HTML 5 - CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ASP and more. We also ensure that websites that employ multiple coding languages are developed so that the code compliments each other and doesn't work against your design success.

Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

UK law makes it a criminal offence to build a website that is not disability accessible. We will ensure that your website complies with the law and maintains the strictest accessibility standards, including WC3 compliance.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Today's World Wide Web culture is not an IE-only world. While the majority of your website visitors will likely be Internet Explorer users, there are a growing number of users of other web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and others. We will test your website with all the major browsers to ensure that it can be viewed in any browser on the market.

Website Navigability

One of the most important functionality concerns for any website is how easy it is for users to navigate. We will ensure that your navigation and site structure make it easy for your site visitors to find what they are looking for on the first try.

E-commerce Development and Shopping Cart Optimisation

E-commerce is the art and practice of doing business online. It includes ensuring your shopping cart is easy to navigate, your product descriptions are well written, the shopping cart is compatible with the rest of your website and integrates well, your autoresponder system works well, payment processing goes smoothly and your website visitors have a good experience from the time they land on your site straight through to the end of their transaction. Whether you are targeting an Ayrshire audience, a Scotland market or the entire world, ASM Development will ensure that your online business runs smoothly by utilising the latest e-commerce development tools and the best software packages.

Search Engine Optimisation

Without search engine optimisation you will have to pay to get traffic to your website. We will ensure that your website is well optimised from beginning to end. Learn more about our search engine optimisation practices.

Content Development

No website design element is as important as content development. ASM Development will ensure that your content is well optimised, closes the sale and targets the audience you want to target. Whether your market is a local Ayshire market, a regional market in Scotland or the UK or a global market, we will handle your content development needs with the greatest care and utmost respect for the market you want to reach.

Website Branding

Your website branding should be consistent with the branding you have accomplished in your business thus far. We will make sure that happens. If your business is a web-only business then we will build your branding strategy into your website design right from the planning stage.

Blog Set Up, Optimisation and Ghostwriting

Does your website need a blog? We will help you decide and if you do want a blog for your website then ASM Development can set it up so that it co-brands with your website, reflects your company values, works toward optimising your website and prepares your site visitors for the closing of the sale. We can install your blog, optimise it for search engine traffic and even write it for you.

Ayrshire, Scotland Geotargeting

If your website is designed for reaching a local Ayrshire market, a Scotland market or the greater UK area then we can geotarget your content and develop your website so that you reach the audience you want to reach.

W3C Compliance

When we design your website it will meet all the necessary compliance goals, including W3C compliance. Website design is a multi-directional marketing function. We will ensure that your website reflects your company's most important values and reaches the right market for you. With branding, search engine optimisation and graphic elements that make your company stand out from the competition, we will build your website with funcationality and beauty in mind. Your Ayrshire business will succeed when your web design succeeds.

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All the sites that we produce are design standards compliant XHTML / CSS based tableless websites offering cross browser compatibility. The sites are accessible for all users and optimised to give great results across the search engines.

Whether it is a website for a large company or a small company; whether it is a static brochure site, e-commerce site or content managed site we offer the same high level of service.

Contact us So if you want to find out how a functional, creative and technically robust website can help develop your business contact us now.