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Search Engine Optimisation Program

Some of the companies that have experienced the benefit of a structured and managed Search Engine Optimisation Program

  • Scottish Christmas Trees
  • Glencoe Mountain Ltd.
  • Albion Environmental Ltd.
  • Hillhouse
  • Hendry Homes
  • Xmas Tree Sales
  • Homesure
  • Anne Fairlie Therapies

What is Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)?

SEO is about making your website deliver real results. Are you:

  • fed up with never seeing your site in the search results?
  • fed up with seeing your competitors at the top of the results?
  • Spending a fortune on Adwords with little in return?
  • Worried about protecting your online reputation?
  • Looking for a better return from the investment in your website?

If the answer to any of these question is "Yes" then SEO is what you need!

Put simply, SEO is about understanding how the search engines decide who to rank where and then applying the knowledge from this to your website. It is not about trying to "trick" the website rather it is about meeting the requirements of the search engine as closely as you can. As the internet is developing fast the pace of change in SEO is also fast and good SEO strategies are always evolving. A key component in ensuring this is the case for ASM is our Scotland SEO blog.

To find out how ASM can optimise your website contact us now.

There are few things as important to the success of your website as search engine optimisation. This is the practice of writing your content in such a way that your chances of increasing your rankings in the search engines are increased. Effective search engine optimisation entails:
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • On-page content optimisation
  • Link anchor text management
  • Meta tag development
  • Inbound linkbuilding
  • Photo optimisation
  • Video embedding and optimisation
  • Internal site structure and linking
  • Permalink (page URL) optimisation
  • Page title optimisation
  • Ayrshire local search engine optimisation
And that's just to start. The search engines consider more than 200 factors when determining search engine rankings so it's important that you manage all of your efforts effectively in order to increase your chances of success. Here's what ASM Development will do for your website when we optimise your web pages for the search engines.

Keyword Research / Competitive Research

We will begin by researching your competition and seeing what keywords they target. Then we will perform our own keyword research and pick out the best keywords for your website. Just because you and your competition are going after the same market doesn't mean that your keywords and their keywords should be exact matches. Our goal here is to find the best and most profitable keywords for your Ayrshire business. That means tapping into untapped areas of the market, finding holes in your competition's search engine optimisation strategy and capitalising on long tail keyword opportunities. Sometimes we may even create the search terms you want to be found for. Keyword and competitive research is one of the most important parts to an effective search engine optimisation campaign. Success begins here.

On-Page Optimisation

Forget what you may have heard or read about keyword densities. Effective search engine optimisation strategies no longer rely on them. With Semantic Language Indexing, it is much more effective to optimise your web pages for more than one keyword. We will search for complimentary keywords and write your web pages to draw in traffic based on the search terms you want to be found for. This includes Titles, H tags, internal link structures and anchor text and even geographic targeting if you are a local Ayrshire business looking for local Ayrshire traffic.

Meta Tag Development

There are three meta tags that are very important for the best search engine optimisation results. We will make sure that each meta tag is written for the best search engine performance. Your Title tag will be short and to the point and contain the most important keyword for each page of your website. We will write your Meta Description to meet the search engine guidelines and target the proper keywords for each page of your website. Your Keywords Meta Tag will contain only the most important keywords. It is important to use effective keyword targeting techniques in your meta tags and not spam the search engines. We will control your content to prevent it from being flagged as spam. We will even optimise your meta tags for geographical terms within Ayrshire and/or Scotland if your business targets locally or regionally.

Anchor Text Management

Anchor text is one of the most important elements to effective search engine optimisation. We will ensure that your internal links use the best anchor text for each link within your website and back up your anchor text with effective title attributes.

Inbound Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is another aspect of search engine optimisation that requires more than a point and shoot frame of mind. We will research the best websites for links, submit your web pages to directories and build quality inbound links that drive traffic to your website and work to maintain solid rankings for the long term.

Photo & Video Optimisation

Photos, videos and other website graphics are the stepchildren of on-page search engine optimisation. To ensure that your photos and videos are tagged and optimised properly we will write effective alt tags that ensure the search engines know what those photos and videos are about and to increase their chances of being found in the search engines. Sites that utilise effective photo and video optimisation techniques often see unique traffic coming from photo and video searches. Effective photo and video optimisation also increases your on-page optimisation with every alt tag.

Permalink Optimisation

Every element of your website is important, including the URL, or web address, of each page on your site. Also called permalinks, these individual page URLs should be as short as possible while making the best use of the primary keyword the page is optimised for. Our search engine optimisation specialists will ensure that every permalink on your website is optimised to its fullest potential, and that includes local optimisation for Ayshire and surrounding areas.

Spam Control

Search engines are extremely sensitive to spam. Our search engine optimisation practices are free of spammy or blackhat techniques. We stay within the search engine guidelines religiously and ensure that the best and most effective optimisation practices are used on every page of your website.

Local Ayrshire Optimisation

To ensure that you get the traffic you want locally, we will geotarget your optimisation efforts to specifically target Ayrshire traffic. If you do business throughout Scotland or the Uk then we will use optimisation techniques so that you reach the geographical area that you are targeting. We can also perform this service for businesses outside of the Ayrshire and Scotland areas.

Page Title Optimisation

Just because we mention it last doesn't mean it's the least important. Page titles are the most important part of your web page for search engine optimisation purposes. They should be short, to the point, describe what your web page is about and utilise your primary keyword effectively. We will write your page titles to do precisely that - without any fluff and without any spam. Search engine optimisation is as important to content development as web design. Your site can look pretty, but without effective content optimisation it will be next to impossible to achieve high rankings in the search engines. Let us write your content and perform search engine optimisation on your website. Increase your rankings and your website visibility today.

SEO is NOT rocket science!

Underpinning good SEO are a few very simple factors that will always remain important:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Inbound links

Put a strategy in place to manage these three elements and your site will shoot up the rankings.

Contact us However there are no guarantees with SEO but a program of competitor research, keyword research and analytics review can help pinpoint where improvements (and occasionally) problem may lie.